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TAS Industrialized System: Innovate industrialized construction system

Our solid buildings are assembled on location, dry and without cementation. The structure is formed by using bolted metal profiles and “sandwich” panels on the facade and cover. This allows the creation of large and diaphanous surfaces thanks to our open framework structure and to the strength and light-weight of the materials used.

  • Economical
    Without cost deviations. Standardized materials. Low maintenance costs
  • Fast
    Without foundation or public work. “KEY IN HAND” product (project, execution, equipment, installations). Weld-free system; uses only bolts
  • Adaptable
    Client tailored projects. Up to 7 m in height and 11 m of light between pillars. Modulated. Permanent or provisional constructions for purchase or rent.
  • Sustainable
    Dry construction, without cement or concrete. Dismountable and reusable product, without contaminating residues. Small energy consumption and emissions in the transportation and execution.
  • Exportable
    Ease of transportation as it is built on location. Transport is carried out in disassembled pieces thus without volume. Anywhere in the world.
  • Flexible
    Expandable. Fit for any use. Isostatic and mechanized structure
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Export buildings to their country.

Export buildings to their country. TAS INTERNACIONAL